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Native Long Islander from Port Washington, New York

Irwen the Artist Band & The Revolving Door of Musicians, consists of solo singer songwriter and rhythm guitarist Eugene R. Bowler III, many just call him Geno. Over 100 musicians have shared the stage with Irwen the Artist Band.

Irwen is a Magical World, spelling Irwen many different ways. The meaning of Irwen spelled this way is an allusion with written text. Ir- allusion or irradiate. -wen a long versioned poem. Characters have been created, spelling Irwen different ways. Irwen the Bug is the cartoon mascot of Irwen the Artist Band. Irwen is a Friend to the Inner Warrior Spirit of the Wild Boar tricked by Evil.

The Tale of Erwin the Elf is a series of songs composed to tell the tale. Irwin is the theorist and philosopher of being, the musical composer of the Book of Irwen.

The Lighthouse Glen Cove NY 2017-05-09 Orange Marmalade Party 2017-03-07 at TJ Farrels in Bellmore NY.


Simple Taste of Irwen the Artist Band (Click to LISTEN, right click to download)

Theme Song
Charlie Brown
No Way Rock is Dead
Sweet Virginia Brown
My Sweet Peaches
Peaches And Cream
Strike While The Irons Hot

The Tale of Erwin the Elf

Shades Of Piper (Peter Piper)
Hype To The Type Of The Pipe
Merlin The Sorcerer
I Am King
Highest Town

Irwen The Artist Band Live at the Lighthouse in Glen Cove NY (Click to VIEW)


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